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It's Time for Massage Therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, MyoSkeletal Alignment, Chair Massage, Providence, Warwick, RI
InnerStrengths Jiu-JItsu
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About Robin E Dyer, LMT
Robin E Dyer, LMT offers Massage Therapy at InnerStrengths Jiu-Jitsu in Providence, RI.  Robin is a 2013 graduate of Lincoln Technical Institute. She specializes in Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Work. Robin is Certified as a Pain and Posture Specialist through the Freedom From Pain Institute. She has her Reiki Level 2 through Candace Rushton. She has done additional trainings in Neuromuscular Therapy for the Torso/Pelvis and Cervical Cranium through the Neuromuscular Therapy Center. Robin has her Level 2 Thai Massage certification through East West Massage.

She also has a BS Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering received in 1988 from the University of Rhode Island and a BA Degree in Psychology received in 1993 from the University of Rhode Island. She is currently employed as a Licensed Professional Engineer.

With her degree in Psychology, Robin worked for a period of about five years with people who had Chronic Mental Illnesses and sometimes substance abuse problems. Her experience is both in the group home and the community settings.

It's Time for Massage
In addition, Robin has over 20 years of personal experience working with an individual with traumatic brain injury. She has learned to adapt systems to meet the needs of this person. This adaptability has been proven useful in adjusting techniques for others.

Robin has been training at InnerStrengths Jiu Jitsu since September 2007. She is now an instructor working with both children and adults. She assists the Head Instructor when putting on Women's Self Defense/Empowerment Seminars.

About Meghan Gunther, LMT
Meghan Gunther, LMT offers Massage Therapy at InnerStrengths Jiu-Jitsu. She is a 2016 graduate of Newport Massage School - Seaside Academy of Ayuveda and Massage. Meghan was a student and an intern under Robin. She specializes in Swedish Relaxation Massage, Ayuvedic Bodywork and Myofacial Release. She has taken additional courses in Structural Energetic Therapy and has her Reiki Level 1 through Candace Rushton. She is a certified Ayuvedic Health Counselor and teaches yoga classes at InnerStrengths Jiu-Jitsu.

Meghan has been a student of yoga for 7 years. Intrigued and inspired by the classic text, Paramahansa Yoganada’s Autobiography of a Yogi, Meghan sought out a teacher of the Kriya Lineage. Through a series of synchronistic circumstances, she met Viriginia (Ginny) Williamson, who is a Kriya Yogi and Teacher in Port Charlotte, FL. Meghan is deeply grateful for her two year apprenticeship with Ginny and was certified by her to teach the ancient art, science and philosophy of yoga having been awarded Lithe and Easy Yoga’s Hatha Yoga I & II and Raja Yoga I certifications.

Meghan reflects on this start: “My first real yoga class was with Ginny, I took a seat on my mat and closed my eyes as she guided the class to go within and focus on our breath. Her instructions were so on point that my eyes remained closed through most of the class. My full attention was directed inward and my awareness heightened as my mind was instructed to follow the breath, noticing how it moved through my body, allowing it to guide me into and out of each asana. When, in that first class, Ginny taught me how to breathe; she gave me the greatest tool to use to meet mySelf and I knew that my study and practice of yoga would always be a central part of my life. I am forever grateful for Ginny, for her guidance, encouragement and friendship.” 

In keeping with her classical training, Meghan tailors her classes to the needs and abilities of the students present, encouraging everyone to discover and enjoy developing their own yoga practice. She emphasizes developing a body-mind-spirit connected awareness, using the breath as the vehicle to guide this awareness. Having experienced the benefits of bringing balance back into her life through her daily Yoga practice, it is her joy to be able to share her love and appreciation of Yoga. “My aim is to teach and empower others to cultivate their own personal [Yoga] practice, so that it may act as a foundation for their personal growth and development to meet the goals they set for themselves.”  

Meghan continues to study the art, science and philosophy of Yoga as well as Yoga’s sister sciences of Jyotish (Science of Light) and Ayurveda (the Health Science of Life). Within the last year and a half she has become a NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and a RI licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Swedish Relaxation, Ayurvedic Bodywork and Myofascial Release. Meghan also holds a BA from Simmons College, having majored in International Relations and graduated cum laude in 2007.
It's Time for Massage Team
The team at It's Time for Massage now includes Robin E Dyer, LMT and Meghan Gunther, LMT.